Improving your Crane Safety and Performance

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    • We are team of Experienced Professionals that focuses on Value added Cranes Services through trained technicians.
    • We are committed to the latest technology, innovative engineering and professional customer care.
    • We offers a comprehensive range of crane services from mandatory inspections to full service maintenance contract and operations partnerships for all types and makes of Cranes.
  • We can help to improve, Boost operational efficiency and productivity through the most Comprehensive, Value added and Advanced Crane Services for any Industry segment and any make or brand or age.
  • Our Service program reduces your ownership costs while increasing productivity and efficiency, reliability and safety.
Customer Support
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AMC, Maintenance Programs

It monitors and prevents equipment failure. By scheduling routine repairs, maintenance work and inspections, we will help to not only prevent equipment safety issues, breakdowns and compliance violations but prevent component failure. This can prevent unnecessary production downtime – saving you time and money!

We offer following type of Maintenance programs

  • Preventative / Breakdown
  • Operation & Preventive Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Need based Service Contract
  • Custom Maintenance Contract


Our technicians are trained on a wide variety of different manufacturers equipment to review current health of cranes, Condition monitoring, and gap to be filled to bring it at Par with demanding application requirements.


We understand that when you invest in a crane and lifting equipment, dependability is essential. Our Service technicians are ready to support customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Health Check up,

Our experienced team of engineers will carry out health check to bring real time snap-shot of condition of crane. This will also include checking Span, Diagonal, Geometry, CT & LT Wheel Vertical & Skew, Wear and deformation of Wheel Flanges, Inspection Of Hook, Wire Rope, Gearbox, Coupling, Drive alignment, Condition of Brake & Brake drum, Conditions Of Contractor, Overload Relay, Cables Etc.

Periodic health check up of Cranes highlights the shortcomings in the existing system and the need for repairs/ replacement of parts. It also helps in planning for spare parts as well as the repairs can be done during planned shutdown rather than attending to breakdown.

  • Inspection Procedure Carried Out as per International Standard.
  • Depending Upon Duration Of Operation and Factory Operating Condition, the crane need to be Inspected by an experience technician or an expert Engineers as and when necessary at least Once in Year.
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offers inspection and maintenance programs enhanced by a sophisticated close loop maintenance management of crane components and then analyses, prioritizes and schedules required repairs.
  • Periodic inspections
  • Compliance and Safety inspections
  • Planned supervision

Actual LOAD TESTING  &  Certification

  • Load testing and certification services for all type of cranes as per government rule, FORM-10.
  • Successfully Carried out upto 200Ton load test in Thermal and Hydro power plant, as shown in Snaps.
  • Capability to provide on rental basis upto 350 ton Test Load Blocks, Cradle, Lifting slings, etc on PAN India basis.
Performs all load tests at 125% of the rated capacity to ensure that your material handling equipment is more than sufficient for your needs. A test is performed to ensure that the crane system can handle the maximum weight capacity in operation. We can bring the weights to your facility to make it easy to perform test. Weights can range in all different capacities to offer the right test weight capacity. Hoist & Crane Systems, Inc. creates load test reports for our records, as well as the customer.
  • On-Site load tests as per Factory requirements
  • We have test weights in different capacities upto 300 ton.
  • All load tests are properly documented, Copies of load tests are kept in our files, as well.
4 important facts about load testing to keep in mind include:
  • Load testing is not an optional choice, it is mandatory
  • Management should appoint a designated person to perform duties as an operator
  • Load testing helps to determine what the performance bottlenecks and breaking points are on a piece of lifting equipment
  • Tests should not be less than 100 percent or more than 125 percent of the rated load capacity

Does your company regularly load test overhead cranes and hosts?

Load test block
TG Hall crane
LT Crane Rail alignment 2
LT Crane Rail alignment 3
LT Crane Rail alingment
LT Crane DSL alignment

RAIL Alignment


The loads due to misaligned gantry as well as mismatch between crane span and gantry span are so large that this leads to bending of wheel flanges specially in high speed cranes that is responsible for crane derailment.

The measurement are made predetermined intervals and the reading are plotted an graph for easy of understanding when request by customer.

The Rail Survey is Carried out for shops where the cranes are already in operation. This greatly benefits in eliminating the future problems related to gantry rail alignment.

Rail survey includes measurement of rail span, gantry rail alignment of rail joints and wear.

We undertake turnkey repairs of rail alignment based our gantry rail survey report.

Our Team used special technique for quick and accurate survey of gantry rails without need for long shutdown. We use conventional or laser tools for gantry survey.  Proper alignment of rail is essential for safe and trouble free operation of crane. Improperly aligned gantries leads to abnormal wear of wheel flanges and rail, followed with extra load on LT Drive Mechanism leading to failure of gearbox, wheel axle , wheel bearing, coupling and floating shaft, structural crack and failure of end carriages as well as need for frequent replacement of wheel, however the biggest threat comes on crane supporting building.

The scope includes supply of gantry rail & clamps, removal of existing rail and replacement, rectification of alignment & levels of gantry girders if required from design consideration to avoid horizontal deflection of girder beyond permissible limits.