Single Girder Crane
Double Girder Crane
DG Crane

Elitemhe DG EOT Crane range consists of following parameters:

  • Capacity ranging upto 300T
  • Span Ranging upto 40M
  • Duty Class upto M8 (Class IV)
  • Designed as per IS 3177, IS 4137 and IS 807
  • BS, DIN and FEM as per customer’s requirement
  • Deflection : Span/750 to Span/1000.

Great care being taken during design, selection and layout of Mechanical components so that minimum headroom and maximum hook approaches can be achieved to utilize maximum area for Crane usage and Energy efficient Electrical components for optimized use.

Features :

  • Variable speed thru VVVF Drive for all motion
  • Customized design for higher capacity, higher hook path and different speed.
  • DSL system—Shrouded Bus bar / Cable festooning
  • Flexible Trolley for negotiating radius of curvature
  • Drag Chain for CT power supply
Semi Gantry Crane outdoor application

Goliath Cranes are installed in Outdoor open area and widely utilized in Construction sites, Store yards, railway yards, large water works, port & harbors, mines, quarries etc.  Goliath cranes run on the Long travel rails which is laid on Ground. These type of cranes are carefully designed to withstand storm conditions and adequate safety features are installed on the machine.

Double Girder Crane

JIB Cranes are manufactured in accordance to IS:807 and IS:3938. JIB Cranes are versatile, efficient and cost effective solutions for moving material within an individual workstation, for transferring materials from work area to work area of for serving as auxiliary lifting devices under overhead cranes. Main features of JIB cranes are described below:


Jib cranesFoot Mounted

•  Self Supported Pillar Mounted Type, Free Standing

•  Mast / Column of JIB cranes fabricated from Pipe or Rolled steel sections and designed to give maximum strength and minimum deflection to resist bending, buckling and crushing.

•  Designed for permanent concrete foundation

•  Base plates assembly is secured by means of anchor bolts to a prescribed concrete foundation, with the number of anchor bolts varying with the capacity of the crane.

•  JIB arm fabricated from heavy beam section or plate fabrication to maintain allowable deflection.

•  The top bearing assembly utilizes a tapered roller bearing provided with grease fitting for proper lubrication.

•  Available with various swiveling angle boom upto 360 degree.

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Jib Cranes – Wall Mounted

•  Tension Braced Jib Crane

• Capacities from 250 Kgs to 2000 Kgs

•  Standard Span upto 6 Mtr

•  180 degree rotation

•  Most economical style of Jib Cranes Utilizes a standard I-beam

•  Allows maximum usage of the work area, including work close to the existing structure.


Underslung cranes are proven to maximize customer floor space and mobility. The cranes are typically attached to the existing roof structure—columns to support the crane runway are not needed. The installation of stand-alone steel superstructures also enables the solution to be flexible to production requirements.

Very small trolley approach dimensions meaning maximum utilization of the building’s width and height.

The possibility of using the existing ceiling girder for securing the crane track.

Chain Hoist


WIRE ROPE hoist in Tandem

WIRE Rope Hoist

WIRE ROPE hoist 3