Retrofitting of crane1
  • Refurbishment of all types of Cranes & Hoists.
  • Enhance capacity and features
  • Upgrades to meet todays demands
  • Improve availability, reliability and safety to save Cost of crane operation and maintenance
  • Pre-Engineered Modernization
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Mechanical Upgrades


Varied application requirements are continuously striving to increase production capacity by removing any perceived bottlenecks. As a result, there will be also demand for increased performance from cranes. We offer modernization services that can significantly increase safety, the reliability and performance of overhead lifting equipment by combining technology knowhow with modern equipment conditions, including different degrees of Modernization Includes:

modification of crane
Crane Service at site2
maintenance of crane1



Whether your repairs are an emergency, planned or an upgrade, we will help you to get equipment up and running.


  • Planned repairs based on inspections and maintenance reports
  • Complete Overhauling
  • Relocation of Crane
  • Alignment of LT Rails
  • Alignment / Upgrade of DSL
Spare parts of Cranes 2
Spare parts of Cranes
Spare parts of Cranes 1



We maintains cranes of all makes and models. With this expertise, we have the capacity to supply spare parts for any crane. All parts to keep your crane in safe and reliable condition, from ropes, brakes, rope guides, motors and up-to-date electrical control systems.


  • Manufacture OEM spares through reverse engineering
  • Supply and fitment of brought out parts on flat cost basis
Compact Hoist